Silver August is a Maine Coon cattery from Central Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: February 26th.

Our breeding program is on hold for the time being while we search for the right new breeding pair, so we will not have anymore kittens for at least a year.


Silver August is a cattery based in Central Pennsylvania that specializes in the breeding of the Maine Coon cats. We are a husband and wife team whose entire lives have been blessed with the companionship of many cats. Our momma and poppa cats live in our house and are part of our family. We interact with their kittens every day and they get very used to being handled, well cared for, and feel well loved. With very limited number of litters per year our kittens are in high demand and maintain a waiting list.

Our cattery is listed with both The International Cat Association TICA.org and the Cat Fanciers Association. CFA.org

We comply with TICA’s Responsible Breeder Program.



Name: NebbioloSex: MaleDOB: August 8, 2021Status: Reserved This is Nebbiolo. Red ticked tabby.  Born 8/8/2021. He is sweet and gentle.  A bit on the shy side, he wants to lay next to you but not on your lap.

Wine Litter #3

Born: August 8, 2021 Dame: Freyja Sire: Gunnar August came around and we These majestic Maine Coon have a strong Eastern European bloodline known for size and temperament. Available Kittens are here. Please read our how to obtain kittens. Welcome: Moscato aka Mozzy (Right) Nebbiolo: Nebby (Left)