Feeding These Majestic Cats

Cats do not have the enzyme amylase which processes carbs. This means that many store-bought dry cat foods are very unhealthy because they are mostly made with grains like corn or wheat. Likewise, most canned or “wet” foods have unnecessary carbs to act as fillers. 

RAW Chicken Thighs

At SilverAugust, our cats are fed a homemade raw chicken food once or twice a day depending on their age. Then they always have access to a high quality, grain-free, dry food. This is referred to as free feeding.  This high quality grain-free dry food is available at http://catslife.silveraugust.com. (Affiliate Link) Here is the link directly to the product.

We choose to feed a raw diet for many reasons but I will share a few of the most important with you. 

  1. Commercially available canned foods are processed using high heat which means the food loses most of its natural nutritional value. The manufacturer then adds those nutrients back in chemical form. We prefer to feed our animals as naturally as possible, the same way our family eats. 
  2. Most canned or “wet” foods have unnecessary carbs and fillers which cats cannot process or are unhealthy for them.
  3. Cats require a “wet” food as their primary source of nutrition because they need the moisture. Most cats don’t consume enough water to provide their systems with enough moisture. Lack of moisture is the cause of many feline illnesses.

How we make it:

In a small bowl

  • Mix 1/4 cup of premix 
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 egg yolks

In a large bowl, add above to

  • 2 lbs. raw ground chicken thighs 

Mix all together to make a “batch” of homemade raw cat food. Preparation takes minutes. The finished food is divided into daily portions and frozen for storage. Make sure that you freeze the chicken mixture for at least 3 days. This kills the harmful bacteria.

Because we are busy people, we purchase ground chicken thighs, but, you can save a ton with a little work and a meat grinder by purchasing whole chicken thighs and grinding it yourself.

Product Mix Company website: https://tcfeline.com/

US places to purchase:

West Coast: https://rawmeatpetfood.com/shop/cat-food/

East Coast: https://www.thetotalcat.com/ 

Dry Cat Food Option

Here is the link to the highest quality dry cat food we have ever found. When looking at the price of this food, make sure you look at portion size because there are no fillers, you feed you cat less than other brands and is higher quality than even those that are only available at vet’s offices.


Here is the link to the specific grain free version we feed:


For more information about RAW feeding and TCFeline see: